As you scroll down you’ll find some of the projects that I’ve had the chance to work upon. Being a Senior 3D Artist I have tackled almost all aspects of production.


Product Visualisations ​(2017-18)

Budgeted down the Production cost and developed Schedules and Milestones for the Team to follow. Supervised the team in achieving a motion graphic look required for the project inside 3Ds Max. Handling all sort of Client Communications, Issue Costs to Client in a Timely Manner, Understanding client Requirements while explaining the same to the Production team. Trained the team in different Object Transformation techniques inside 3DS Max, that helped them to achieve some really complex animations well before deadline

Process Presentation (2017)

Successfully handled the project from nuts to soup. Responsible for Breaking down the shots, Budgeting, Supervising a team of 3-4 professionals during Production in different tasks like Modelling, Texturing, Lighting & Animation, and Final Delivery to the Client. The project winded up well before the deadline due to the implementation of some new and improved compositing techniques that I learned during my Post Graduation days.


Process Presentation (2016)

Successfully managed a team of 4 Professional Animators and 2 VFX Artists for this Process Presentation. I was responsible for all sorts of Client Communications, while also designing the Budget and Pipeline for the project. Successfully developed various Processes and Procedures to assist the production team, which resulted an increase in timely shot completion and approval rates. Implemented new ways to accomplish heavy fluid simulations that resulted in 20% decrease in the production time.

Educational Blog

Also different digital effects and 3D Visualization projects have provided me with an insight into the theoretical as well as practical aspects regarding important
trends in the specified field. Different tutorial write-ups that I create on regular basis in order to help Professionals for trouble shooting their problems can be
viewed on my blog –

Old Bridge

Post Graduation Final-Term Project (2012)

This Digital Effects shot was generated by me for my Major project. The Destruction of the road and Animation of the bridge has been generated solely inside Houdini using its RBD system and CHOPs. Compositing and other finishing touches like Colour Correction and Motion Blur on the CG Elements has been generated using Nuke.

Post Graduation Mid-Term Project (2011)

This signature shot was generated for my Post Grad’s 3rd Term Project. I used Houdini’s Particle Network to generate the flocking system for the movement of the Unicycles. Camera matching has been done using PF Track. Colour Grade and other finishing touches like Sky Replacement and Motion Blur on Unicycles has been done using Nuke.

Robotic Jelly

Post Graduation First-Term Project (2010)

During the 1st Term of my Post Grad we were asked to demonstrate the dry to wet conversion techniques for which I used a robotic jelly fish as the hero object of my project. I have used Houdini for the Modelling and Animation of the Robotic Jelly Fish. Finishing touches like Colour Grade and compositing Underwater Particles has been done using Nuke.  (2010) 

Graduation Project (2009)

This 3D Visualization was generated by me for a tourism company. I was asked to do everything from scratch for this project, right from conceiving the idea to the final product. For production work I have used 3 different software programs which laid the most challenging part of this project i.e. to take the same camera movement among several platforms

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